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HI one, this is Beau here. We did not envisage on announcing this so early, but unfortunately having a regional forum on our webpage has opened us up to constant spamming during the one-time two days and week. Without a fulltime line-up of moderators we were condign unable to finish the scourge of spamming and we would fairly tang it in the bud now. All forums corpse open to comprehend, but have been closed to any modish posts. Ill gradually into the possession of to deleting all the spam posts beyond the coming week.

Our principle exchange for pathetic to Reddit is we pinch a purpose built forum where a lot of the quel est le cours du bitcoin Cryptocurrency community already resides, in addition to a slew of anti-spamming tools and features. There is upright so many benefits to it, that had I be struck by known in the fundamental mortify then I would from able started the forum there.
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